No data in "Visits over time" dashboard or in "Visitors" section

We have just installed Matomo on-prem. We are able to see data in "visitors in realtime’ dashboard
But there is no data in “Visits over time” dashboard or in “Visitors” section
Could you advise what could be missing ?


Have you tried choosing current date in the datepanel which could be seen in the top left corner

Thank You for the response. Yes, I have changed the date. I can see the correct data in “VIsitors in realtime” dashboard. It is only the “Visitors Over time” dashboard and “Visitors” section that is empty
For eg: I can see 20 users for last 24 mins in “Visitiors in Realtime” , But I see “0 visits” in “Visitors Over time” dashboard for today’s date and yesterday’s date.

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If you see visits in the live view and the visitor log, but no aggregated reports, then archiving is not working correctly. Can you make sure that you either have enabled browser archiving in the settings or are successfully running the cronjob (How to Set up Auto-Archiving of Your Reports User Guide - Analytics Platform - Matomo)

Thank You !. That was it. Turning on the archive to real time worked - Aggregated reports now show data.

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