No data in Visitors Map, "possible region mismatch"

My Visitors Map Widget shows no region data (cities do work). Console says “possible region mismatch” (see screenshot). The 2-letter-abbrevations in the console (SN, NW, BE) are the German states - so I think geolocation works, but doesn’t get tied to the map.

Any ideas how to solve this?

@SteveG, is it possible that this is because of the new country codes.

If so, then this will be fixed once all maps in Matomo will be renewed.

Yes. That’s caused by the new region codes of GeoIP2. Region codes should still work for some countries like USA, Canada and some smaller countries. The rest won’t show anything. But we are already working on some new maps. But it will take a while until they are finished

Thanks for the quick reply, I’ll wait for the next updates.