No data in Matomo Tag Manager Debug Mode


In Order to track clicks on specific buttons or links we implemented the Matomo Tag Manager on our website. Usually I work with the debug mode to identify the code snippets (“Click Text” etc.) I have to trigger in order to track a specific event. However with the current website I get no data whatsoever when I click on anything on the website. The pageview tag is loading just fine and the data in general in the matomo frontend is being shown since the implementation. So the tracking is working but somehow the tag manager can’t access the code when I click on something in the debug mode. Does anyone have an idea how to fix that?

Thank you very much!

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Hi @Florian_Rebmann

Do you mean Matomo debug mode or browser debug console?

Are you sure the last version of the container is well run? (no cache problem or container publication issue)

Can you share the trigger and tag configuration / code?

Hi @heurteph-ei

I mean the browser debug console. The latest tag manager version is running on the website so there should be no cache problem or container publication issue. Here a few screenshots to show the configuration and the link to the debug console on the website. Maybe this can be useful:
No matter what I click I get no reaction from the debug console.

Hi @Florian_Rebmann
Why do you wrote there is nothing in the Tag Manager Debug mode?
I see:

Then I see the request to:

Then everything is working well…
Note: Link tracking won’t appear in the MTM debug console as this is not an MTM tag (just a tracking option). And it works for external link tracking, like Facebook link for example… (For internal links, do you need their track, as you already track the next page…?)

Hi @heurteph-ei
there is nothing in the Debug Mode when I click on an element. The pageview tag gets fired but other than that there’s nothing. Here’s what I see on other websites when I click on an element like a button with the active debug console:

These events appear without me having created a tag or an event in the first place. But these events mostly are the source for how i configure the tags and triggers. There are a few examples where we need to track the button because the url-path is not optimal. Therefore it is necessary that with the click on a button the different parameters are shown in the debug console, like for example a click id or a click class.

Hi @Florian_Rebmann

No, in this case, you created an MTM AllElementClick event. And also specific tags as described in the Events column, visible on the left of the preview…

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I was irritated because I never created an MTM AllElementClick event on any of our pages before. Somehow they must have been created by default so I thought that they are shown everytime I debug a website with the Tag Manager. But now that I created this trigger in the Tag Manager I suddenly see the pushed data when I click on a button or a link. Thank you very much! That hint solved it for me.

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Hi, I only tested it on one page. On another page I also created a trigger for “Click on all elements” but here it doesn’t work, I don’t get any event in the debug console when I click on a button or anywhere. Here’s the debug view:

And here’s the trigger which is live:

Do you have another idea why this doesn’t work on this particular page?

Hi @Florian_Rebmann
Do you use this trigger in a tag?
Do you still debug the draft version?
Are you sure you use the same container?

I don’t use this trigger in a tag. On another website this also worked with only the trigger. The container is live and I’m sure that I’m using the same container.

And while I was writing this I tried to deactivate and activate the debug mode again. Maybe it was like you said stuck in debugging the draft version. And of course it works now. Thank you for your help!