No data in evolution graph on secondary event dimension


And thanks for the great product ! (quite new user here :))

I noticed an issue when using Events and trying to view graphs using an Event’s secondary dimension:

  • Open list of Event Categories
  • Expand list to view all Event Actions for one Category
  • Click on “graph” button => graph shows the evolution over time (OK)
  • Click to switch secondary dimension to “Event Name”
  • Expand list to view all Event Names for one Category
  • Click on “graph” button => the graph is flat: no data displayed (KO)

It looks like verything is fine when using the default secondary dimension, but when switching to Event Names, graphs can no longer be used.

Hope someone can help !

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Hi @caccia

Thank you for your report. Would you please put this report into a new issue on our tracker? Issues · matomo-org/piwik · GitHub then we will investigate over there and follow up. Cheers

submitted as issue #9634 - thanks !