No data in campaign report

Hi all,

I installed and activated the Marketing Campaigns Reporting Plugin from the marketplace, but the report does not show any data. Matomo is installed in the latest version through the Matomo Tag Manager and the setup works.

In Google Ads I use a tracking template with adaptions on campaign and ad group level:


An example URL looks like this: https://www.example.url/?mtm_campaign=Search_Keyword_Campaign&mtm_keyword=TEST&mtm_source=google&mtm_medium=cpc&mtm_content=0&mtm_cid=555&mtm_group=Keywords-test&mtm_placement=test

It successfully calls the matomo.php with the parameters attached and does not throw back any error.

Is there anything else I need to check or any possibility to debug my setup and see how data is processed in Matomo?

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Data needs time to be archived (compiled)…
Don’t you see anything in the live visitors log?

Yesterday I saw my visit, but coming from direct as source. It seems that something is not recognized correctly, but in the network tab of the Chrome Dev Tools I see all Matomo calls.

Do you know a good place to look at when debugging the setup?

Can you share the requests to Matomo?
Also, you can have a look at debug logs of Matomo tracking:

You should see it when you visit the URL

Thank you! I will read through that.