"No data has been recorded yet, get set up below" in Netlify And Gitlab

So I use Matomo on a ghost hosted website, and it works great. This site is my personal site at www.jbschirtzinger.com and I see the tracking code and everything and have not seen any malfunction in the browser tools network tab. The difference between the two sites is my personal site is a hugo site hosted at gitlab and deployed through netlify. Got any ideas why the information would not be flowing?


This one is quick to answer: The tracking code is loaded from https://mat.theroyalrainbow.com/matomo/matomo.js, but that site doesn’t have a valid SSL certificate, so the browser refuses to load it.

Thanks, Lukas. You were right on that point. I was able to contact tech support to discover that Let’s Encrypt was not automatically made with the domain which for some reason the other domain does not require to function. Once that part was set, everything started working as it should.

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