No Data has been recorded yet for some sites

(Michael Holt) #1

Hi there,
I’ve set up Matomo on my server at (https://)myseotoolset(dot)com/analytics/. I worked through some initial challenges with getting sites to communicate, and was able to get 3 sites communicating properly by using the WP-Piwik plugin. I’m using the default tracking option in the enable tracking screen in the plugin.

So, excited that this was working, I created about 8 other site accounts on the server, installed the plugin on those sites, went through the exact same steps to authenticate with the installation on my server, set the default tracking option, and then go check the connectivity.

Nothing - no data has been recorded on the sites.

I’ve been to the sites (outside of my IP address and in different browsers), but still nothing. So, I went back to troubleshooting, disabling the plugin, adding the code to the tracking code area in the header for the themes, etc., and still nothing. (And my bandwidth usage is fine, so nothing limiting on the cpanel side).

Any idea why some would work but the remainder with the exact same setup process will not work?

(Michael Holt) #2

Issue resolved. I had the global setting for my IP set up. I removed that, and then visited sites in a new browser, and now things are showing up.