"No data has been recorded yet" and no more ideas

(Marc) #1

Please: I am unable to gather data from a newly created website, whatever i try the new websites dashboard displays

No data has been recorded yet

By now i have stripped down the HTML for the new website to a bare minimum (see code below), disabled my .htaccess configuration, validated SSL certificates and config (ssllabs overall rating A) but still: no data.

Apart from the new website i am successfully tracking data for 9 other services on other subdomains.

Whats so special about my site?

  • Website content is served by php 5.6.2 therefore i changed some of the given tracking codes quotes. Edit: does also not work for plain html output of the given tracking code.
  • New (and the other 9 working other subdomain) websites communicate over SSL
  • Top level domain is .berlin
  • I had an .htaccess configured with apaches mod_rewrite, which i renamed to _.htaccess for testing.

Web inspectors console reports no errors executing the following code, i see a successful request to piwik.js and display its source code. The js-request to piwik.php reports an error in web inspector: 204 No Response. When i load it manually as done in the no script section of the html web inspector reports: 200 OK.



Sadly i cannot see webserver logs for any of these website. Are there other things i can do?

(Marc) #2

This is so awesome! I went through piwiks troubleshooting one more time and finally checked Safaris tracking settings. Settings were set to do not track. After turning it off piwik tracks as always.