"No Data For This Report" Piwik 2.2.0, Wordpress

Hi guys,

I just installed Piwik on one of my websites: wirelessdogfencereviewsguide.com (Wordpress, basic theme with no modifications). I copy/pasted the tracking code from my Piwik installation into the Footer.php file, right before the tag. I have no caching enabled on the site and the code seems to be displaying properly when viewing the source code of the website in my browser. However, tracking doesn’t appear to be working as it should - only ONE visitor has been shown so far, and I know for a fact the website gets much more than that (I have Amazon affiliate links on the site and I get over a dozen sales and over 50+ clickthroughs a day according to my Amazon statistics). When I try to visit the site myself from different IP’s nothing is shown in Piwik, and I’m not sure why that one particular visitor was registered.

I checked the Troubleshooting section and also checked the Piwik database (piwik_log_visit), and only that one visitor mentioned is recorded in the database.

Keep in mind that I have installed Piwik on at least a dozen other websites on the same server and have never had a similar issue. All of the other websites are also on Wordpress and use the exact same plugins as this site does (no exceptions), only the themes differ.

Also, despite that one visitor being logged under “Visitors in Real Time,” no information regarding that visitor is visible in other widgets (Visitors Over Time, Referrer/Search Engine etc.) - please check screenshot to see what I mean.

Any help would be appreciated.


Regarding the part where I said that only the “Visitors in Real Time” widget displayed information regarding that one stray visitor, I realized that it was because I was seeing the report for April 28th instead of April 29th. However, when I switched over to April 29th, all of the widgets are suddenly displaying an error - something related to the database it seems. Please see new screenshot attache.


please comment if you can on this ticket: #5005 Install with errors, not tracking
Install with errors, not tracking · Issue #5005 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub - I think you experience same problem

we will try to get it fixed ASAP