No data for my site - empty catch {} in tracking tag


A while back, schrecky reported a problem with not getting data for his site. See 301 Moved Permanently

I was bitten by this too - I had the same empty catch clause as in his example. (Firebug is your friend :slight_smile:

Given that some templating systems (Smarty, apparently) eat empty “{}”, would it make sense to put something simple into the catch clause? I solved it by putting a comment (on two lines), like this…

catch { // none

Could the empty catch clause be changed to be non-empty before Piwik 1.2 goes out, so that no one else has to suffer from this? Otherwise, I have to say that the Piwik setup was absolutely flawless. Thanks!

For Smarty 2, you need to wrap the text inside {literal} … {/literal}.

Smarty 3 is … well … smarter when it comes to curly braces.

I realize that I didn’t tell the whole story: This is a phpBB 2.0.x site (final release - don’t remember the version). Changing that line to:

catch { /* */ }

solves the problem as well.