No data for forum in subdirectory

I have Piwik installed and two “websites” connected.
Quotes used because it’s actually one website (Wordpress) in the root and a Vanilla forum in a subdirectory, both on the same domain.

Data for the WP part looks fine and works as it should. The problem is with a forum part.

I got Piwik plugin installed for Vanilla forum and configured correctly. At least it appears so. The forum has at least 10 visitors at any time and about 10.000 pageviews a day, according to Vanilla’s own statistics. That’s a reasonable number and matches previous data before switching forum package (from phpbb).

However now it shows only about 10 (ten) pageviews and/or visitors per day?! Not zero, that’s what bothers me. My IP is excluded from results.
Strange thing is that I have Google analytics code active on the forum simultaneously and it shows similar data.

So, my website (forum) works normally and plugin as well. Piwik obviously gets some data, but apparently only a fraction of it. I have no idea what to look for. My initial thought was misconfigured htaccess, but I’m not sure what part of it could block the data.

Any help is appreciated.

Added: Piwik v 1.12

I would recommend to debug via instructions in:

which should help you debug/understand the problem

Thanks for the tip. :wink:

But unfortunately that’s out of my reach. I’m not a developer and don’t know what to look for. :frowning:
I have enabled debug logging and have Firebug installed, but here’s more or less the end for me.

I guess I would need some debugging for dummies instructions. Sorry… :confused:

  1. enable debug in piwik.php as per instructions
  2. write here the URL of your website and i’ll take a look

Sorry for the delay, I’m just back from my vacation.

The site is in debug mode and here’s the URL: - Slovenski strelski forum

If you need anything else, please let me know.

Thanks a lot.

there is no piwik code on - Slovenski strelski forum

Ufff… stupid me. This is embarrassing. :confused:

I have believed that Vanilla plugin inserts the code in the header/footer, but it obviously doesn’t. Now I inserted it manually and it seems everything is fine! :smiley:

Sorry for wasting your time.

I think the Vanilla should have inserted the code. Maybe you can contact the plugin dev and report the bug?

The plugin says it “Requires themes with AfterBody event”, but I have no idea if my (default) theme has this. Obviously not.