No data display for large data calculation


We’ve large data in piwik, and when we select range time from Aug.1 to Aug. 31 for Page Analysis, it displays "the report has No data " very quickly(about 5~6 seconds) , but If I decrease the range, it runs ok, though after a long time (about 40~ seconds).

I’ve checked the Nginx log, PHP-FPM log, Mysql Log, but no error reported.(all logs are enabled).

Anybody know the possible reason?


Hi there,

Are you using latest Piwik version? How many actions do you track per month in Piwik?

Yes, I use the latest version, and there are about 10 million actions per month.

For example I select Aug. 1 ~ Aug. 31, it display empty result very quickly, but if I select Aug.1 ~ Aug. 30, it runs for a long time and return results successfully!