No data being reported


Piwik version: 2.11.1.
PHP version: 5.3.3

I have piwik installed on a server on It is monitoring my Wordpress blog at which is hosted on GoDaddy. I have installed, activated and set up the Wordpress Piwik plugin wp-piwik version: The Piwik System Check shows all green ticks.

Unfortunately no data is being reported. I have tried and checkd all the things in the trouble shooting pages. Everything seems to be ok per their recommendations.

I’m somewhat a novice so any help should be provided as if I were a 6 year old.


Yep, some installations have a problem which could not yet reproduced by the developers.
Maybe you could provide access to help solving the issue. A new installed piwik would be great for debugging purposes.

See this existing thread with the last post by matt: 301 Moved Permanently


I have exactly the same issue. Also same issue with new installtion hosted database on 1&1, Reported in thread: “No visitors being tracked”


Well, it’s working now. I changed something in the setup and now it’s collecting data.