No Data After Update

Hello -

I am a self-hosted Piwik user for about 4-5 years now everything has been running smooth. After the last update to the latest version all of my sites (about 10 of them) are showing no data for the past few days.

I searched this topic and have found a few old resolutions (clearing cache, deleting /tmp files from server) but there is no resolve.

For the tracking code I am using a mix of custom code and WordPress Piwik plugin.

Any ideas?

Two of the websites where I have Piwik installed:

Thank you in advance for any help!


figured it out, it was actually a plugin (the bot plugin) which I enabled after this update.

Hi Patrick

please report the issue to the BotTracker developer @ Issues · Thomas--F/BotTracker · GitHub


I also have an issue after the update. Since almost a week, i have no data in Piwik, but there are still new entries in the database. Unfortunatly, there are no logs or errors shown. I just dont see any visits.
First we thought the DB broke during the update process. We made a new installation and used a DB backup, but still no data in Piwik.

Does someone has an idea what I could do?

Please check the steps in (summary: download from, do a clean installation).

P.S.: Please also check
If the issue persists, please provide following:
[li] your PHP version
[/li][li] your MySQL version
[/li][li] last working Piwik version

thanks for the help. We figured out the issue. The archive cronjob didn’t run. The “useraccount” which run the script was not allowed to do this. Unfortunatly, we didnt got any error message. The logfile was empty aswell. It actually was just luck that we run the script as “root”. Once it was done, the data was shown in Piwik.
My issue is solved now.