No Data after recalc


after dumping the data, updating the database, we droped the calculated data and did a recalc. The software finished the recalc with no errors and all piwik archive tables are there.

But no data shows up in any widgets on the website???

Querying Piwik API at: http://localhost/piwik/index.php
Running as Super User: ***************

  • Reports for today will be processed at most every 3600 seconds. You can change this value in Piwik UI > Settings > General
  • Reports for the current week/month/year will be refreshed at most every 3600 seconds.
  • Archiving was last executed without error 16 days 8 hours ago
    Will process 1 websites with new visits since 16 days 8 hours , IDs: 1

Starting Piwik reports archiving…
Archived website id = 1, period = day, Time elapsed: 9.112s
Archived website id = 1, period = week, 314390 visits, Time elapsed: 528.342s
Archived website id = 1, period = month, 1931801 visits, Time elapsed: 5488.241s
Archived website id = 1, period = year, 2944419 visits, Time elapsed: 10928.021s
Archived website id = 1, today = 1631 visits, 4 API requests, Time elapsed: 16953.738s [1/1 done]
Done archiving!

Total daily visits archived: 1631
Archived today’s reports for 1 websites
Archived week/month/year for 1 websites.
Skipped 0 websites: no new visit since the last script execution
Skipped 0 websites day archiving: existing daily reports are less than 3600 seconds old
Skipped 0 websites week/month/year archiving: existing periods reports are less than 3600 seconds old
Total API requests: 4
done: 1/1 100%, 1631 v, 1 wtoday, 1 wperiods, 4 req, 16953740 ms, no error
Time elapsed: 16953.741s

Starting Scheduled tasks…
task,output Piwik_CoreAdminHome.purgeOutdatedArchives,Time elapsed: 0.016s Piwik_PDFReports.dailySchedule,Time elapsed: 0.02

Any ideas ??

thx Dirk

It looks like it should work - are you selecting the right site, the right date, etc. ?


yes - i chose the right site and date >:D<

This is very strange behavior, and we can’t explain why. You see values in the database - but they don’t show up in the widgets.


Is the data output in the API (click on API link then on VisitsSummary.get API for example) ?