No data after moving host

Hi everyone

Just joined the forum. Hope someone can give me some help :slight_smile:

I have been using piwik for a while just for my own website. I have just moved to a different host and pwik and the database was transferred by the host.

Everything loads but there is no data. I have checked the visit log and its just says 0 visitors.

I have checked the database and can see the data. I have deleted the config file and tried a reinstall but to no avail.

I went back to my old host, backed up the database and then did a reinstall with my new host, deleted the config file again and did a reinstallation - no data showing.

Does anybody know what I should be doing?

I have upgraded to the latest version of piwik.


While merely changing the server Piwik is installed on, nothing should be lost.
What steps did you take exactly?

So long,

It definitely should work - do you still have the problem? Try enabling the plugin DBStats to give you stats about your DB, please PM a screenshot of the report?