No dat file in geoip cities

Hi, just installed the latest Piwik and am trying to set it up. Under Geolocation it say’s to download the geolite city database and upload the .dat file, but there isn’t a .dat file. The only downloads they have are geolite2. These contain either csv’s or MMDB depending on which you download. Could anyone advise me please?

The MaxMind database can be downloaded from this location : GeoLite Legacy Downloadable Databases « MaxMind Developer Site .

Download the Binary/gzip version of the “GeoLite City” database. The downloaded file will be called GeoLiteCity.dat.gz . You need to unzip this file using a utility such as 7zip to produce the GeoLiteCity.dat file. Rename this file to GeoIPCity.dat and then upload it to the misc subdirectory of the server directory where you have Piwik installed.