No CSS/Styling issue. Thinking of a workaround. Need code information

Hey Piwik Team,

I have the no css issue and have followed the several remedies that I could find on the web, including clearing the tmp folder, reinstalling, disabling merge, clearing cache, trying in another browser, disable adblock and a couple more that slipped my mind. None worked for me.

Important to note:
[li] Using Arvixe Hosting
[/li][li] Piwik is installed in a sub-domain of my website on its own.
[/li][li] Dispite the missing css, the application is working properly, javascript included from what it appears.
[/li][li] The specific error I am getting in Chrome is: Failed to load resource: net::ERR_CONTENT_DECODING_FAILED
[/li][li] I noticed that following this link: getcss example (hell even without the “cb” querystring) it returns an extensive stylesheet. But when I try it with my site, “cb” included or not, it returns nothing.

Now, from what I’ve gathered in my research, the css (and js) files are combined and/or pulled pragmatically or something for speed and efficiency purposes.

What I want to do to as a workaround is to just create (or find) the full css file, put it in the Piwik files and call it using an html tag. Sure it won’t load as fast, but quite frankly, I’d just like the css to get working. I have no concern in how long the page will take to load up.

To pull this off, I need to know some information about how Piwik works:
[li] Where is the file that generates the actual page, at the very least that has the part?
[/li][li] In the event that this doesn’t work, I have a new avenue I’m working on and it entails knowing: Where is the file that contains the “getCss” function? I’m having trouble tracking it down.
[/li][li] Anything else you think might be helpful for me to know.

Thank you and I look forward to hearing your response,
-Jonathan Miller