No code generated on public facing login

Sorry if this has been posted and or fixed, but I did not find it.

Just installed piwik and testing at this point. No ssl.

If I access the dashboard through, the tracking code and image link show up in the box.

If I access the dashboard through, the tracking code and image link box are empty. Or even public_IP/piwik.

Out of curiousity I took the code generated from the local access and changed the IP with the domain, but still doesn’t track. Also tried the public IP in place of the domain.

Have accessed from a few different browsers with no difference. From the public dashboard I can create and delete websites and looks like everything else, but on the tracking page none of the boxes are checkable.

Any idea why I am not getting the generated code while on the public dashboard?

I had a bit of trouble getting the site opened through the WAF/proxy on a sophos UTM 9.2(fairly new to that as well), but now I can access the public dashboard.

Not sure how relavent the system details are, since it generates and works fine on the local access, but if needed I can provide later. Started with a fresh vm install of centos 7 minimal though. Piwik 2.10

Couple of things I noticed; If I go to the geolocation tab, accross the top it has location, description, info. The info for has the local IP of the sophos UTM. System check is fine. Security has issues with basedir, tmp_dir, and user and group id, but the rest is green. Device detection shows the correct device.

Below is the code generated from the local acces, but with the domain substituted how I tried it.

<img src=“//" style=“border:0;” alt="" />

Have a look at this FAQ, and maybe try to add this to your config:

trusted_hosts[] = ""

Let me know if it helps!

Thanks for getting back already.

As a troubleshooting step I actually added the following as hosts already, but did it through the dashboard instead of in the config.ini.php. The config.ini.php does look acurate though.

Then there is also the local ip that I am using to access it on the lan.

enable_trusted_host_check = 0 didn’t seem to have any effect.

Saw something mentioning to check the config.ini.php and make sure the database password doesn’t contain any illegal characters. Just letters, numbers, and caps in the pass for now.