No button icons displayed

My piwik dashboard does not show the buttons since I updated to the former update.

Neither many manual new installations helped nor the new update to 2.16.0. Neither Microsoft Edge (absolutely no buttons) nor Firefox (erroneous icons, see attached picture) displays them. Not on mobile, not on desktop.
Has anybody an idea to solve that?

Are you sure that you have uploaded all files from the Piwik tarball? If so, this looks like Browser Cache issue. Recently I have had a similar issue. Piwik uses pretty aggressive Caching. Thus, make sure to flush your Browser Cache a couple of times.

Dear howdytom,
thank you very much for your reply!
I did everything. :slight_smile:
I emptied browser caches (that Micrososft Edge does not displays it, too, is a proof, I never used it before).
I even deleted the piwik tmp-file on the server.
I uploaded all the files again (overwriting mode) and extra the files FileZilla gave out as errors and not uploaded.

You can try deleting plugins/.htaccess and re-upload it from 2.16 package. Does it fix your issue?

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Thanks, howdytom, for answering so quickly!!
I did not find a new plugins/.htaccess in the downloaded package, then I bravely only deleted this file … and IT WORKED!!!
I can see the lig…buttons!!!
Thank you very much, man! :smiley:
Best wishes

great that it worked out.

Freut mich :wink:

Mich auch! :slight_smile:
And I learned that deleting is solving complicated issues marvelously!.. :innocent: