No action with popups submitted by click

Hey there,

We use some popups (wordpress + Elementor builder) submitted by clicking on button or page.area.

We desperately cannot find a way to activate this event in Matomo. If we understand well a popup is not a page so how does Matomo manage it ?

Thks for help


If your website is a single page application where javascript events imitate page changes, you want to look at

If you just want to track interaction with some elements, you can use Event Tracking, so adding a bit JavaScript that records an event whenever the user does this thing.


we’ve been working on it for a while.
unfortunatelly it’s too tricky for us.
Videos are bad and example too evident…

The tag manager we used is tracking only for one language, no mention on how to manage tag on multilingual site…

So we give up using matomo for any else that pages tracking

That’s a pity the product is so tricky and poor in terms of tools and utility easily to implement.