No access

(mawosch) #1


since today I can not log in to Piwik.
While trying I saw the message "Wrong user or password"
OK, perhaps I forgot the password. I changed it. Next try: same result.
What happened? Solution?


(Matthew Dickens) #2

The same thing happened to me. After looking at my SQL database, I noticed that the only user in the database was “anonymous.” I thought that I had done something wrong in the installation process, so I am going to reinstall the script. But now that I read that it’s happened to someone else, I’m a little weary…

I’d really like to know if this is happening to other people as well, and if there is a simpler solution than starting over.

(vipsoft) #3

The superuser (created through the Installation steps) isn’t stored in the database – it’s stored in config/config.ini.php.

Make sure config/config.ini.php is writeable … otherwise the new password won’t be saved.