No access to shell for archive&automatic reports by Infomaniak

(jOoL) #1

Hello all,

After having discussed with Infomaniak support, i realised that their cronjob system is web-based.

We don’t have access to the shell to execute

This means in my case that PDF reports can not be sent using this method.

It is necessary to use a web-based service to do so (any php script) executable by apache within the domain where piwik is hosted.

Is this functionality allready available in piwik ?

Thank you for your support


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(Matthieu Aubry) #3

Technically, Piwik should send emails already even without the cron job. The visits to piwik.php will trigger the PDF emails to be sent daily, weekly, etc.

Check your apache error log
and piwik/tmp/cache/tracker/general.php

and paste here content