Nginx logs analytics x Unique Visitors


We installed Matomo Open Source just over 30 days ago and we are evaluating it.

We are collecting the logs generated by NGINX with the configuration below:

log_format matomo
‘{“ip”: “$remote_addr”,’
‘“host”: “$host”,’
‘“path”: “$request_uri”,’
‘“status”: “$status”,’
‘“referrer”: “$http_referer”,’
‘“user_agent”: “$http_user_agent”,’
‘“length”: $bytes_sent,’
‘“generation_time_milli”: $request_time,’
'“date”: "$time_iso8601

We have noticed that the unique visitors logs for the pages we are monitoring are not correct.
Apparently for every page visited motomo is always considering a new visitor.

I attached an example image:

You can see that in a 1-week period it reports that we had 150,831 visits and 149,800 unique visitors. This number is not correct.

Is there anything we can do? Are any parameters missing from NGINX?