Nginx install docs?

I would like to use piwik but can’t find much on nginx install. Is this a stable option? Currently, my server with nginx (ubuntu 8.04) does not have PHP or fastcgi or mysql running. This sounds like a complex way to go just to have piwik…but I’m willing to try it if someone can vouch for its stability and has some docs to share.

thanks, Jon

I won’t “vouch” for a software thats not mine but its working fine with nginx, php through fastcgi and mysql in my environment.
No special docs required. Install php and mysql as usual with nginx (there are thousands of docs on the web for this) and once thats running fine (test it with some simple php file), just install piwik.

you would probably will have to make something like (on your command line):
apt-get install php5-cgi php5-mysql mysql-server mysql-client

thanks…if I were to run piwik on its own server with no pre-existing nginx requirement, is there no clear preference between apache and nginx? I have yet to use nginx for PHP but from what I’ve read Apache is more efficient in this one area still. I’m looking to host multiple possibly large piwik installs on a single server reserved just for piwik. Any thoughts?

thanks, Jon