My name is Rowena, and I’m really a newbie in this field.
I’ve studied the Piwik website for a few days now, and tried to work it a little bit.
There are many very useful features, that’s for sure.

But since I’m absolutely not very “techminded” style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/unsure.gif I need to ask a few questions I hope someone can help me with.

I need to track the amount of hits to many dedicated websites on my domain. I also need to see the exact referral page (from where the hit was generated) and exactly which URL was triggered. Let’s say I have a URL in a traffic exchange ( ) and what I want to know through Piwik is the following:

From which traffic exchange or other source (referring page) did the hit come.

Exactly which URL (like the one described above) was triggered.

A hit counter (unique and raw).

Those are my few needs. Now, I’ve found out that Piwik can provide SOOOO much more, and I will learn it over time for sure. But those things I really need to know, and here’s the big issue. Can Piwik provide me some easy-to-read reports which gives me the exact information (the three points above) that I need, and how do I set that up? Can I get it exported to Excel or similar, and there see everything? I’ve tried to export to Excel, but I only see the first folder (called “myproject” above) in Excel and it’s called “Label”. The exported file does not show me the exact URL that was hit and triggered, and that’s what I need to know.

Piwik can provide this information on its site and some parts even in a graphical view which is really cool. But how can I delete widgets so an anonymous user only see the few widgets that I like to show? I can remove the widgets that I don’t need/want from the dashboard when logged in as a SuperUser, but they will all show up when visiting the site as an anonymous user. Is there a way to take those widgets away from the dashboard when people visit my Piwik dashboard anonymously?

Lots of questions… hope someone out there is able to help me.

Have a great day everyone!