New user - old info

hi there,

i just stumbled upon matomo - but i have know piwik for a while (never used it). Now i want to have some data that may help to improve a website - and therefor want to install matomo.

So now i searched a little and got some questions:

  1. I’d like to use LTS version to have stable and easily maintainable software. But:i found this info when searching on how to install:

How long will Matomo 2.X be supported?
Matomo 2.X will be supported for at least 12 months after the initial release of Matomo 3.0.0.
Matomo 3.0.0 is expected to be released in the second half of 2016.
This means that Matomo 2.X will be supported at least until the second half of 2017.
Which Matomo version is LTS?
The latest Matomo 2.16.X release is our Long Term Support version.

So Matomo 3 was released 2016, LTS for 2.x will be supported until 2017 and the current LTS is 2.16?? I’m confused.

  1. I want to use Matomo according to DSGVO (German)/GDPR -according to the blog Matomo 4.0 will support this out of the box - and according to that post was planned to be released in 2018.
    I know it is open source - so i am aware that schedules change. But again for a new user it is confusing to read statements like that.
    What is currently recommended if you want to follow DSGVO, have features regarding privacy protections been added already?

  2. i am using wordpress - so if i understand right there are 2 official plugins - one where matomo is hosted within wordpress and one where it “just” links to a standalone matomo installation. The third way to integrate would be to add the tracking code into the wordpress template settings, correct?
    Difference between the new and old plugin is also that the new one can only be used for one website while you can extend a standalone to analyse several domains, right?
    Anyway I would prefer wordpress usage without additional plugin - so thats why i am asking.

thx and hi