New User - Can't Figure Out This Issue

I set up a goal to track how many visitors are clicking from my authority site(multiple posts/pages) to my salespage(different domain).

When I look at my conversion report, it looks as though the only clickthroughs that are being counted as a conversion are those directly from the homepage of my authority site.

I can verify that because then I look at the PIWIK stats for the salespage domain, and I look at the referrer pages and I see that the number that came from the homepage of the other site matches…however, there are many more visitors that came from other posts/pages on the authority site.

How do I get the goal conversions to count those as well?

Thanks for any help or insight

On the pages that it doesn’t work, do you see an error ? can you reproduce the problem on a smaller page if you remove some elements or javascript libraries ? is there any error displayed in the Javascript console in browser ?


Does it matter that I am using PIWIK using the WordPress Plugin…I have not installed any JS code anywhere.

Please excuse my lack of knowledge; I am pretty new at this, and don’t know alot about JS libraries, elements etc.

I simply set up PIWIK through my host using Fantastico, installed the Plugin on my site and added the url of my PIWIK installation and my Authorization token, and everything is working fine, but only related to the root domain(Home Page of the Blog) No tracking from other pages or posts.

Can you give me a bit more detail on how to conduct the JS troubleshooting you’re suggesting.

Thanks Alot

What webpage is not tracked ? and what webpage is tracked?