New site not added

I am trying to add a new site to monitor. This site is one that I have previously deleted in error. However, when I name the site, enter the URL, and press Save, Piwik does not retain the data and does not display my new site in the Dashboard.

Any ideas as to why this is occurring?


There is a known usability issue concerning Site and User management.

Did you try clicking on the “green tick” instead of the “save” button to save your new site ?

You can read more about it here : Sites Manager and Users Manager - Save Confusion · Issue #1382 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub

Got it. the Green tick worked out. Thank you for the link and suggestion.

May I know is signature code is on or of?

To what signature code do you refer?

I think he wants to add his website url in the profile page, if I understand it right.