New segment from page url - historical data

When I create new segments from page URL, the segment shows data no further back in time than one month from creation. Is this a bug or a limitation?

Hi @roger1,
it depends. If you use Matomo Cloud it is the normal behaviour because of a limitation.
If you are using the on-premise version, there is a server-side configuration parameter for this. Normally it is set to unlimited unless it was changed by the admin.

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Aha - I’m on Matomo Cloud. So it’s not possible to alter the configuration for this on M Cloud?

You can ask the Matomo Support-Team , if they can change the configuration for you. But I’m not very optimistic.

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By default when you create a segment on cloud, Matomo will only process historical data up to 30 days from the date the segment was created.

If you contact the cloud support team with the date period you want your segment to report on, they can re-process the segment for you, allowing the segment to then report on historical data.

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remember that since

3.12.0, now when you select visits based on a page url, it will return all visits and all page urls these visits did. So in the pages report you will now see all pages that the users also viewed as well as the pages that match the segment. (before it was only showing that page that matched the segment, which was incorrect because segments is supposed to match visits).

See Filter Page URLs by Segments

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