New Segment Editor available in Piwik 3.2.0-beta!

Hi everyone,

We have redesigned the Segment Editor and the new version is now available in Piwik 3.2.0-beta4 released just now!

Please test our new segment editor I would like to test early beta and RC releases, how do I enable automatic updates to use these development versions? - Analytics Platform - Piwik

Learn more about Segments: Segmentation - Compare segments of visitors - Analytics Platform - Piwik
(we’ll need to update the screenshots but it gives a good overview)



Hey, we’re on 3.2.0 and I’m an admin user trying to create and subsequently edit a segment. I have no issue setting up a segment with boolean conditionals, but in the documentation there are “edit” links next to each segment which was created previously. In recent updates, was this functionality removed? Steps to replicate below.

  1. Click segment menu
  2. Click “Add new segment”
  3. Configure segment with Name and conditionals
  4. Click “Save and apply”
  5. Click segment menu
  6. Look for segment I created in step #3
  7. On segment I created in step #3, expecting to see this “edit” link on the right side of the segment name
  8. Cannot see “edit” link :frowning:


Hi @elcolonio,

The screenshot is from an older Piwik version and should probably be replaced one time.

I have just tested it and for me it is looking like this:

When I click on the :edit_segment: button, I am able to edit the segment.

Are you using 3.2.0? I don’t have a pencil icon like you do and I can’t figure out why


I am using 3.2.1.

How is the dropdown looking for you? Can you post a screenshot?

Can you check the Javascript-console in your browsers developer tools if there is an error?

I’m on 3.2.0 so I should probably upgrade :slight_smile:

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Will the update let me do this?

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To understand from which region is feature X of my product being most used and who are the users of it.

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