New returning visitors

Hi all,

I am looking for the right metric to count:
a. new visitors (that have NEVER visited my page at any time) in a given period
b. how many of those have done more than one visit in the given period.

For a. I would say “New unique visitors”
For b. I couldn’t find “New returning visitors” as metric. I tried to segment the visitors with “number of visits higher than one”, to check how many new visitors I get, but I obtain 0, and this is not possible (we are talking about more than hundred thousand visitors per month).

Any suggestion?

And also:
Where can I find a detailed overview with the definition of all Matrics in Matomo?
Some Visits/Visitors Metrics are a bit confusing (for Example: are counted recurring visitors only those with more visits in the specified time period? how does it count if a visitor had 1 Visit last year and 1 visit this month? what counts as new Visitor, only completely new visitors or new in the specified time period - that might ave once visited the site previously?)

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A lot is explained here Let me know if that helps.


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Hello Jean-Michel, thanks for your answer. The article is good but still misses some bits. I went through the data from the API myself, and sorted a couple of things out.

KR Luca

Hi @Luca

Can you detail what is missing? Then we’ll be able to improve it…

Hi @heurteph-ei
it would be good to have a clear description of all metrics (New Visitor, returning visitor, unique new visitor, unique returning visitors, , and so on) maybe with some example.

For example, I thought a NEW visitor would be any Visitor visiting the site for the first time in the specific time period (for example current month). But this happens not to be true: if the “new” visitor visited the website for the first time but more than once in the current month he is not recognised as “new” anymore. So the name is kind of misleading.

Hi @Luca
Thanks for the update.
There is a glossary:
But The exact definition of returning and new visit (that do not take the selected period into account) is not written.

For the documentation improve, I created a ticket:

Nice! Maybe helpful for many Matomo Users :slight_smile:

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