New Plugin Announcement: Advertising Conversion Export

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve recently released a new Premium Feature: Advertising Conversion Export.

You can use this plugin to track conversions for your ads without needing to add additional conversion tracking codes or tracking pixels from ad networks.

The new Advertising Conversion Export plugin can be purchased directly from our Plugins Marketplace

Once installed, you can get started today by following the Advertising Conversion Export User Guide on our website.

If you have the Premium Plugin Bundle, then great news - the new Advertising Conversion Export plugin is included in the Premium plugin bundle and can be downloaded and installed at no extra charge.

How it works
When a visitor comes to your website, being referred by one of the supported advertising networks, the target url will be enriched by a unique click id of the Advertising Network. For Google Ads this would be for example a parameter named gclid. With this feature Matomo will automatically track those IDs along with the visitors’ data.

To let the advertising network such as Google know which visitors converted, you would usually need to include a conversion tracking tag. As this has privacy, security and website page load implications, this new Matomo feature provides an easier solution. The plugin lets you instead automatically export conversions that were tracked in Matomo and import them in the ad networks you are using. This works for visitors that had a click id directly (clickid was tracked in the same visit) or indirectly (click id was tracked in a previous visit).

To make this work all you need to do is to create an export in Matomo which will give you a unique URL which you can then define (import) in your ad network. That’s it.

Here’s a list of all the new features in our Advertising Conversion Export Plugin:

  • Supporting exports for Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising, Yandex Ads
  • Tracking click ids of Google (gclid), Microsoft/Bing (msclkid), Yandex (yclid) & Facebook (fbclid)
  • Manage conversion exports containing possibilities to define
    • Number of days to export data for (excluding today)
    • Various attribution settings
    • Visitor segment (to further filter exported conversions)
    • Goals to be included in export
  • Possibility to access conversion exports with unique access tokens
  • Possibility to segment by Advertising Network and Click ID
  • Adds an icon to visitor profile and visits log for visits being referred with a click id

Get Advertising Conversion Export plugin from our Plugins Marketplace

Learn more in the Advertising Conversion Export User Guide.

If you’ve got any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at

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