New Piwik Installation on High Traffic Intranet

At my company we are given serious consideration to deploying Piwik to track activity on an internal company tool. Essentially a larger intranet type deployment.

Can anyone recommend what sort of hardware we should be considering and how it should be configured etc. I’m trying to get a better understanding of the level of effort involved to get up and running and maintaining it. Or if anyone can point me to a white or paper case study that would be good also.

Some info about the Deployment.

The site will have about 900/1000 visitors per day Maximum. And we estimate that they will generate 500K page impressions per day initially but perhaps up to 1 million page impressions per day at the extreme (Note : That figure will depend on what actions on the site we want to capture and is in our control do we want to tag absolutely everything or just the essentials.) Its unlikely that it will be more than that. It is also an option to ETL the tracking tables to a Data warehouse or other faster db for analytical processing once a week or something like that.

Are the problems I’m likely to encounter related to the data processing for reporting or the actual data capture?

So with that in mind I would like to get a better understanding of

Number of processers Ram etc VM vs dedicated hardware.


Linux vs Windows
Apache vs Nginx


Many Thanks