New install stopped working

Hello. all.

I installed the latest version on IIS 7 last Thursday, August 30. I got statistics for the 30th and 31st just fine. However, beginning on September 1, and going forward, no new statitics are showing. I get no errors anywhere (that I can see, anyway). Has anyone got any idea what’s going on? Will gladly provide additional info for troubleshooting purposes if requested.


Can you check in Settings > General Settings that “Allow archiving” is set to “True” ?

Also check that the code is still there on your website?


“Allow archiving” is set to true, and the code is still on all of the pages I want to track.

Just for fun, I installed Piwik on a Linux server, and changed the code on my pages, byt still see no data.


Can you use firebug to see if the net panel shows the piwik.php requests ?


Haven’t installed firebug yet; will try later today.

I reinstalled Piwik on our Web server, and it is working, sorta. One thing I’ll mention up front is that I applied the patches described in 301 Moved Permanently, so that my users and I could see location data (city locations are now displayed, but not states [USA]. More on that in another post, perhaps.). Maybe the patches are causing the issues.

Anyway, our site isn’t very busy, but it’s obviously important for us to capture data on access. Early this morning, we had some visitors, as per awstats. However, they weren’t picked up by Piwik. To make sure it’s working at all, I accessed our site from an affiliate site using my phone. That worked fine.

I think Piwik is an excellent piece of work. I just need to get it 100% reliable.