New GDPR features β€” Call for beta testers

Hi everyone,

Today we released a new beta version of the upcoming 3.5.0 release. It has many new features, especially on handling GDPR!


It allows you to:

  • anonymize User ID and Order ID
  • retroactively anonymize previously tracked raw data
  • write your own consent window, if you want visitors to Opt-In to tracking
  • search for a data subject
    • and export the data about them (for right of access/data portability)
    • and erase some or all of their data

Please try it out, and tell us if it works for you and if you have any feedback! Just a quick everything works for me answer to this post helps us make sure that we release a high quality software.
(Keep in mind to make a backup before you upgrade or better, update on a copy of your production/testing instance)

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