New feature Matomo 4.11: Report with pages contributed to goal conversion and revenue

I guess the new feature in 4.11 only provides the metrics after installing 4.11 for future conversions and not for older conversions. Is that correct?

Hi @utrautma ,

Yes, you’re right.


I have also a question about the new “goals per page” feature in Matomo 4.11. Great that you have implemented this!

The “Goals per page - entry pages” section looks clear for me. I have absolute numbers for the goal I selected.

But in the “Goals per page - page urls” section I have comma-values for my goals. But the column-name seems that this should also be an absolute value. Can you explain this to me? I don’t know how to interpret “38.04 goals on a certain page url”.

Thanks for some help!

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Hi @iparker ,

this comma-values are representing a “conversion ratio”.
It’s important to understand that the Pages report doesn’t just show the pages where the conversion happened exactly. The report shows all pages from the visit with the conversion that were also previously viewed.

See here the specification in Github (there seems to be no official documentation yet).

In German language I wrote some words in my Blog page article.

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Hi Udo,

thanks a lot for your reply. This makes it much more clearer!

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I’m posting my question here, because it might be related to this feature.

I already checked the specification of this feature and it’s clear for me how it works, but I’m wondering how can I get the simple list of URLs where my conversion happened exactly?
It sounds like a very simple thing, but I still wasn’t able to figure out how to do this.

Thanks in advance!

Hello @HcTipellirg ,
I think this is currently not possible.
My workarround is to store the URL where the conversion exactly happened in an Event. For example as “name”. It’s easy to implement it with the Tag Manager similiar like here . Instead the destinationURL you have to taken the {{PagePath}}

I found in the past some discussions if the plugin “Custom reports” could solve this requirement. But unfortunately I’ve got a negative answer about this from the support.

Hey @utrautma ,

thank you for your response.

Indeed, I also thought to use events for this purpose, but I hoped to find any other graceful solution from the box.
But looks like no other ways to do this :slight_smile: .

I am really surprised that there is implemented linear attribution model, but it’s impossible to retrieve just pages where conversions occurred.