New calender and the All sites


I’ve just added a site in my piwik (a DotClear blog, in french, i’m starting; with the Piwik plugin for DotClear, it was easy to set up to get stats style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/biggrin.gif ) and i stumble upon some behavior that might need a fix or so.

Nothing much important maybe but if i was on the Dashboard of the new site on “today” and then i go to All sites, i am not able to select a date before today because the calendar doesn’t offer any links on thoses days.

As a “workaround”, i just need to go back to the dashboard, select another site from the site selection drop down (that is stil a bit buggy for me) and then return to All sites and i’m able to back track the stats.

The weirdest in this is that the All site offer a link to the stats of the new site before the date it was added.

Thanks for the report - bug created in