New behavior for widgets when refreshing individually

I suggest that when using the Refresh button in a widget’s title bar, the widget use the default date interval instead of the one that’s shown in the date range control.

I have set up the default date interval to “last 30 days”. However, given that a work session may cross the boundary from one day to the following day or extend to several days, the widgets’ display get out of sync with that date interval. At the moment of this writing (March 20), the date range control has “From 2012-02-16 to 2012-03-17”. This prevents me from having a more up-to-date chart in the “Visits Over Time” widget.

The only other option is to open the date range control and to manually enter (not select as dates after March 17 cannot be selected) “20” where “17” is, which will reload the whole page!

Just as a complete reload was unacceptable and I whined about it and the Refresh button came to life, I believe that a complete page reload is not desirable here.

So in the end, the question is: Do we think it’s acceptable that widgets drift away from the preferred date interval? I think it’s not desirable. What do you think?