Network of 50 sites

I have a network of 50 sites, and I would like to use a separate tracking code on every one of them. At the same time I would like to have access to information about all sites at the same time on the main dashboard. Is it possible?

I would not want to use two separate tracking codes. I would like to use 50 different ones, and have access to all the individual ones, and all of them at the same time (this one would the most important one, so it would be showing after logging in to the account)

Thank you.

Right now you can have 50 different sites, each using its own tracking code. each separate from all others.

You can also have a basic overview of all sites on the overall sites report showing some basic metrics but not able to choose which metrics in this overview mode.

Piwik has the same limitation GA does in this aspect. A multi listing of all account sites for various user selected metrics in a dashboard just is not available out of the box. Maybe a good idea for a feature request that is better than GA? (Hope the mods are looking at this right now).