Network error in mobile piwik 2

I am using piwik on my server and also tried the mobile app Piwik 2 on iPhone/iPad.
Most times I log into the website because in the mobile app I receive an error regularly.
"There was an error ‘The parameter ‘idSite=’ is missing from the request.’. The request returned the status ‘HTTP/1.1 200 ok’. URL was ‘’. Please check the entered URL…
Even removing the credentials and create a new login brings no connection.
Can you please give me a hint.
Thanks in advance.

Hi crpsnrw,

I haven’t heard of a problem like this before and do not really have a clue what could cause this. I reckon it is related to a server configuration. When exactly are you getting this error? Can you log in?

I just geht this erfror when I Start the piwik 2 App on my ipad.
Iman normally log into piwik via Web browser.

Is it possible that you create an account with at least view access and send us the Piwik URL including credentials to thomas @

We could have a look whether we can reproduce the issue and whether we find the actual problem

Hi, I got the same issue:

Network Error.

There was an error “HTTP error”. The request returned the status “HTTP/1.1 414 Request-URI Too Long”. URL was “https://mydomainname/pw/index.php”. Please check your entered URL and the error logs on this server for more information about the error and how to resolve it.

I can log in via the URL, but I do not see any error log. Any one know how to resolve this issue with the Piwik 2 app? (Piwik 1 app is working properly)

@Stefan thanks for sending the credentials. I tried it with an iPhone, an iPad and on an Android device and couldn’t reproduce it :frowning: Does anyone else maybe have an idea what could cause this? Maybe related to bulk request somehow. BTW: you can delete my account again on your Piwik instance. Which iPhone / iPad are you using with which version?

@pubuse your issue sounds different. Which device are you using? When do you actually get this error?

I got this error on my iPhone 5. I just installed Piwik 2. I see “all websites dashboard” and as soon as I click on on of the websites I monitor, I get this message.

@pubuse is it maybe possible for you as well to create a login for me on your Piwik instance and to send me the credentials including the URL to your Piwik instance to thomas @ I would then try to reproduce as well.

Hi Thomas,

I just sent you the message. Thanks!

FYI: We’ve figured out the “URI request too long” was caused by “iThemes Security”. Will add it to the FAQ.

FYI2: “iThemes Security” can also cause troubles with the Wordpress Piwik plugin