Network error- An unexpected site was found

I have been using the mobile app (version 2) and last night I deleted two URLS from the web based app (for some reason it created 3 websites so I removed two that were irrelevant).

Today when I logged into this mobile app I received the following message:

Network error

There was an error “An unexpected website was found, check idSite in the request”. The request returned the status “OK”. URL was . Please check your entered URL and the error logs on this server for more information about the error and how to resolve it.

I found some help online that explained that you should change the default site. I have done that but still get the error. I am a superuser on the account and my default site is the one that is remaining.

I would really appreciate some help on this as I can’t find anything else online.

Try uninstalling and installing the mobile app again. Or in case you are using Android you can also delete all data in Settings => Application manager => Piwik Mobile.

Alternatively just waiting for a few more hours or a day could fix the issue as well.

Thanks, clearing the data seemed to work!