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Hi Everyone,

For years I’ve been using Piwik (more recently Matomo) for tracking solution instead of using GA. I considered Matomo simpler to work with.
But recently I still have the intermittent issue with tracking code. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. From thin air the regular code (JS) didn’t catch any data anymore. Meanwhile, I found out an error by inspecting debug resource (F12) in browser pointing me to the following error:

Later on even with that error present I could again gather data to matomo normally. Honestly, I don’t understand this behavior.

So I decided to give a try by using Tag Manager instead, just giving me some added flexibility and in the hope some understanding about that error warning.
For my surprise I couldn’t get the debug preview displayed and couldn’t catch any data either, BUT the JS error previously detected is still there now voiding container from getting loaded. Despite of that, I could successfully gather data by simulating visitors to the site.

How can I get rid of that JS error? Help will be very appreciated.

Note: My site domain is different from the matomo’s domain.

Thanks in advance.

I don’t understand…
In the debug there is a reference to mtmPreviewMode. Then you are already using the (Matomo) Tag Manager…
What is the content of the request response (when you don’t have 404)?

Sorry for this little confusion. Let me put the story in this way:

I was talking about before using MTM and after using it.

Before Using MTM (don’t know how to name this “working mode”):

Data was gathered normally - all the pageviews from visitors were caught.
Some time later the gathering stopped from working. (At that moment I didn’t even know if the JS error existed yet).
Some inspection in the html code lead me to no clue about that gathering data. So I had the curiosity to inspect the browser debug tool (F12) to see if all is ok. In that moment I realized the same kind of error referred earlier in my post.
At some point later the data gathering was back working again EVEN with the JS error present. So I thought the error does not interfere with the functionality of the site/matomo tag.
But sincerely what does this error really mean in the whole story?! Error is error and it shouldn’t be there.

Meanwhile I decided to give a try using MTM to get more data info like clicks for example, instead of only pageviews as gathered since then.

Now using MTM

As seen in my former post, the error continues there (now at container) despite gathering visitors’ pageviews.

What doesn’t work is:

  1. catch other data like clicks (think this is part of section behavior) - maybe here I’m not defining the parameters correctly.
  2. could not test the above parameter because the “preview windows” doesn’t even shows up.

P.S.: In the meantime I started a website from scratch for testing purpose. Created a new container, etc.

The same sort of error reappeared:

Despite doing it right by clicking the button on testing site (it redirects to the 4th line), no visitors are registered, and still no preview window can be seen.

What’s next?

Thanks for helping me out.