Neither auto archive nor cron archive working

Hi there,
I have a fresh Matomo installation with no extra modules installed and no alterations done to the code.

I have set up several domains for tracking and can confirm that each of them works as i can see real-time records of visitors.

But the graphs show no numbers and the All Websites dashboard only shows zero visits as well.

I assume this has to do with the archiving not working? I would like to use the default setting ’ Archive reports when viewed from the browser’. But i have also tried to run a cron job with no success.

Does anyone have an idea what the issue could be?

Here are some system details:
Matomo version: 3.6.0
MySQL version: 5.6.40
PHP version: 7.1.22

The system check give me the following notification:
Your server is using an NFS filesystem. This means Matomo will be extremely slow when using file based sessions.

What other information could i provide for troubleshooting?

you need to wait at least one day to see the default reports of “yesterday”, or try to see desierd day for example in “All Websites”. it will be generated on the fly.
you can directly check the database to see tables like “piwik_archive_blob_2018_09, piwik_archive_numeric_2018_09”.

Good luck

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Thanks Web Tester,
This information helped me to solve the issue. I have changed the settings (Personal > Settings) for ‘Report date to load by default’ from Yesterday to Today. Now all the previously empty sections are filled with numbers. So simple :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the feedback! FYI created this issue which maybe would help with this: When looking at Yesterday's data, and there is data for today, notify users to try to look at Today · Issue #13754 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub