Need some new feature and API for plugins


Actuellement I try to write a plugin of E-commerce, I use piwikTracker.trackLink for the JS tracking code. And I found some problems.

  1. Need a hook “Piwik_Tracker_Visit.knownVisitorInformation” or “Piwik_Tracker_Visit.VisitsInformation”.

Because I need to write some data into datebase, this plugin need to run when track, but plugin hooks of piwik is not enough, there is a hook useful named “Piwik_Tracker_Visit.newVisitorInformation” which enable us to do something when there is a new visitor, but I also want my server to do something when there is a known visitor.

  1. I didn’t find an API which can get ‘idvisit’ of this visit, I use “piwikTracker.trackLink” to get some data, and I want to link this data with the information of visit, so “idvisit” is necessary.