Need Matomo site ID for Drupal client using intranet less than 50,000 hits/month

Hi, I’m using this in the first time. I downloaded Matomo Analytics via Drupal’s composer in the Linux system. Now I need a Matomo site ID. I do not find any help documentation or guide for the Drupal community.

Thank you.

Are you sure you installed Matomo itself and not just a Drupal plugin that helps you to connect Drupal to a Matomo instance?

You might want to look into on how to install Matomo (and during the installation you will get the site ID of your first site)

Matomo Analytics is in the intranet site using Drupal’s composer command line to download itself into the intranet. Does that answer your answer ?

I used the Matomo contributed module ( matomo 8.x-1.13 ) to download that is coming from Drupal Community. However I am looking for the Matomo module in the Linux system and I couldn’t find matomo folder.

Thank you Lukas for the reply quickly. I looked at the installation help and I see two different Matomo installations. Which one should I install ? Drupal is the CMS and it is similar to WordPress but I don’t think I should install Wordpress version ? Why would I need to install Matomo – Drupal confirmed that I have the Matomo module in my intranet site and just need the ID.

Did I miss something ?

Doesn’t it mean that you don’t have to put code in your site to be able to track with Matomo?
Also in the tracking configuration, you have to specify the Matomo URL… This is the URL where you’ll have previously done what Lukas mentioned.

I think that standard installation should be OK for you.

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How strong is the security of Matomo web analytics ? Any breach of the software ?

What do you mean?

It works !!!
Thank you!!