Need help to understand strange results... :S


we are using Piwik for an Intranet application (only 1 site). A very nice tool !!!
Working like a charm first months. But we got feedback about strange results for august and were trying to find out why we got strange results displayed sometimes.
But no success.

Thanks to everyone who can help here.

Problem history
1 We started with Piwik 1.2.1
no major issue. Using crontab to archive (1x / day)

2 Update to 1.3, 1.4 on live server
no major issue during 2 months, but august results were wrong and we’ve started to investigate and update our dev server to 1.6 hoping it will fix the issue.
But no success.

Data schema looks good (columns are not everywhere sorted like a default 1.6 fresh install, because ALTER commands are adding new columns at the end of each table, no idea if it could disturb…)
Every month have similar table archives (same data quantity).

No issue in Firebug for the website where we are using Piwik.

Problem description
Playing with the period selector delivers strange results.
Just see attached screenshots

If we use the year selector option for 2011, we got no result

If we use the month selector option for august… we see there are only results for April (???)
[attachment 449 dashboard_month08.png]

if we use date range selector option, we got only a possible result for August if we add the first day of september (???)
(on the screenshot, left only from 1 to 31 august, right from 1 augsut to 1 september)
[attachment 450 compare_daterange.png]

Hope it’s clear enough

Any idea where I need to search for to solve this issue ?
If you need more information, let me know.
I can not send a server access (intranet) :frowning:


Most likely you have setup auto archiving so reports don’t get generated? did you run the script once until completion? How to Set up Auto-Archiving of Your Reports - Analytics Platform - Matomo

Thanks for your answer matt. it was really helpful to figure the issue.

the script was running every day per cronjob…
but I found today there was an issue with the file because “edited” on Windows… (adding CR+LF for breakline instead only LF for Linux).

I suppose I have now to play the archive script again with specific parameters to archive all results since august. Right ?

Or check the script automatically what is to archive ?

the date ranges are not processed by this script.

in Settings > General settings > Enable browser to trigger archiving YES

Thanks a lot for your help !!! (tu)

Something is obscure for me…

If I understand right, the archive process was not working fine, but using the date range selector I should get right results anyway, right ? If yes, why I didn’t get results for august with the 1- 31 august selection but got results including 1 september (previous screenshots) ?

It would be great to get a more detailled information about how Piwik is archiving datas, maybe with the new archive.php process…
I know it cost time (and really not a critic !!!), but would be really helpful to better undestand how Piwik is working. :wink: