Need help on IIS server


I installed piwik on my few sites. very happy to find this great scripts. Real great work.
There is no problem so far. until now the company has changed server so I installed piwik as usual.

I could installed completely. but the problem is no tracking at all.

Then I try troubleshoot by tracking another website which is on another server (linux) by using the same piwik installation. I found that everything went just fine. Tracking was made. no error. no nothing. everything run fine.

So I couldn’t go any further. accidentally, I move mouse over Add widget -> Live! -> visitor profile. and there is an error show up like in attachment. Please check out the attached picture. This doesn’t occur on the other site profile. Please note that I use the same installation to track both website but one is working another isn’t. The thing is both website are on different server. One is windows using IIS and another is linux.

Piwik was setup on windows based server. and this could be the problem because it cannot track any website on this server. On the other hands, it tracks other websites on linux based server wonderfully.

So I’m not sure this could be about IIS issue or PHP version or anything. Or do I need any additional config on IIS or windows server or on PHP file or somewhere else?

not sure if the picture attached would relate to this issue but it’s the only thing I could find for your information.

Also the log file on server couldn’t be found. Even i follow the path showed by phpinfo().

Please advice I really love piwik. It’s amazing.



(Matthieu Aubry) #2

This is fixed in the latest 2.1 RC, please upgrade: 301 Moved Permanently


thank you matt. I’ve upgraded by replacing the previous files with the package “”. The error as in the previous attachment was gone. :slight_smile:

but there is another error comes up says “Key “lastVisits” for array with keys “” does not exist in “@Live/getVisitorProfilePopup.twig” at line 2”. And still No tracking.

How would this be fixed?

Please advice.




OK, matt. I got it now working by replacing tracking code to the new one.

But still there is an error on loading Visitor map. The problem is when I switch language to my language (Thai), the map wouldn’t load. It keeps saying " … กำลังโหลดข้อมูล" which means “…loading widget please wait”. Then I switch back to English and tried some other languages, the map loaded fine. How would I fix this?

Please see the attachment showing that it keeps loading but never get map showed up.

appreciate your great work!!



(Matthieu Aubry) #5

The map loads fine for in Thai language on the demo: