Nearly dead traffic on ALL sites since 27th to 28th of June

HI, ALL sites in Piwik (about 40) are like dead since 27th of June… not sure if I did an update or anything, am on 3.0.4.

Checked sites, no google issues…

had the sites on SSL for months now, no issues… server test for one domain worked fine

we are checking for any SSL issues …

sites on other server seems less or not affected

any idea what else could have dimished ALL sites on the main server to nearly 0 visitors?




Can you open the “networking” tab of your browsers developer tools on one of your sites.

There should be a request to piwik.js and shortly after that a request to piwik.php. Can you check if both are working fine (don’t return a 5xx response code)? Are there errors in the javascript console?

Can you also check your php error log?

HI Findus,

sorry for the late replay, appreciate your help very much…
my server expert could solve it by checking the SSL certificates…somehow they had expired…all working fine again

Again, thank you very much for your help!!!



Great you could solve the issue.

I am currently writing a browser extension that helps quickly debugging issues like that. I hope I can finish it until the end of the summer.

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