Nb_users not returned from range date

Hi there Matomo team.

Im currently setting up some tracking on our platform, and ive run into a problem with the Reporting API.

Ive set up matomo to track opens in my email campaigns with the use os User ID´s and custom dimensions.

So when im trying to pull a specific custom dimension, i want to see unique user id´s. All this works fine, but something funny is happening when i enter dates for my period which is set to Range.

I have 2 cases where an email is sent 2018-02-27:

  1. If i set my date range to (2018-02-27,2018-02-28), then it returns the nb_users as it should.
    Return data:

  2. But if i now change the range to (2018-02-26,2018-02-28), which is 1 day before my campaign is sent, then the return data is very different, and its missing nb_users. I need the unique user id count.
    Return data:

The return data changes a lot by this small date change. What can i do to fix this? Ive already enabled the unique visitor option for ranges in my config, which didnt do anything to this case.


Hey again guys, anyone have any experience with this yet? Really need some suggestions here :slight_smile: Thanks in advance