Nb_users not returned from range date

(Jesper Jørgensen) #1

Hi there Matomo team.

Im currently setting up some tracking on our platform, and ive run into a problem with the Reporting API.

Ive set up matomo to track opens in my email campaigns with the use os User ID´s and custom dimensions.

So when im trying to pull a specific custom dimension, i want to see unique user id´s. All this works fine, but something funny is happening when i enter dates for my period which is set to Range.

I have 2 cases where an email is sent 2018-02-27:

  1. If i set my date range to (2018-02-27,2018-02-28), then it returns the nb_users as it should.
    Return data:

  2. But if i now change the range to (2018-02-26,2018-02-28), which is 1 day before my campaign is sent, then the return data is very different, and its missing nb_users. I need the unique user id count.
    Return data:

The return data changes a lot by this small date change. What can i do to fix this? Ive already enabled the unique visitor option for ranges in my config, which didnt do anything to this case.


(Jesper Jørgensen) #2

Hey again guys, anyone have any experience with this yet? Really need some suggestions here :slight_smile: Thanks in advance